Proven Process, Real Results

Take a look at our web and software development process


Team involved: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Software Architect, UX Research

❶ We analyze your business environment in-depth

❷ We recommend the necessary technologies

❸ We optimize your budget for website development services

❹ We showcase what your solution will look like

❺ We create a solid basis for future product expansion

❻ First, to provide the required web development services, our company analyzes business specifics and determines your ultimate goals. During the discovery stage, the key task is to foresee all potential business and technical risks, and prevent possible issues and errors during the development process, as well as when scaling your web-based service.

The core objective of this phase is to plan and implement a cost-effective technical solution. Once the discovery stage has been completed, you will receive an interactive prototype of your future web project and together we approve the final UX/UI design.

Web Design & Front-end Development

Team involved: Project manager, Business Analyst, UI/UX Designer, Front-end Developers

✪ We craft UI mockups and approve interfaces

✪ We create high-quality wireframes and a clickable product prototype

✪ We transfer the design into a clean and optimized code

✪ We accompany the development with web project growth

✪ The main goal of our UX designers is to ensure proper navigation for your customers with actions to achieve the desired outcome quickly when using your web-based software. In their turn, UI designers create appealing web interfaces with great animations so that users receive aesthetic pleasure while interacting with them.

Web front-end programmers create real magic - all designed animations work smoothly, interfaces work with an instant response, and your product is easy to use. Our web development services and created systems are responsive by default.

Web Back-end Development

Team involved: Project Manager, Back-end developers DevOps engineer

❶ We create a scalable, secure, and fault-tolerant infrastructure

❷ We implement the required functionality

❸ We integrate with the requested 3rd-party services

❹ We scale up the web system for new business objectives

Once our software architect has built a solid technical foundation, our web back-end developers start working on your project. Their initial task is to create the web software’s core, which processes all the user requests. Once you hire these engineers, they are responsible for web development services like expanding functionality, code optimization, and acceleration of product delivery to the client.

Manual and Automated QA

Team involved: Project Manager, Software testing Engineers, Quality Assurance Specialists, DevOps Engineer

❶ We keep your web services from crashing

❷ We detect bugs and fix them upfront

❸ We enhance the product quickly once required

❹ We increase web software reliability and user satisfaction

❺ We reduce customer churn rate

Simultaneously with the web development process, our software testing experts run hundreds of automated tests and perform manual testing. In line with web development services, we carry out functional, performance, regression, usability, unit, and regression tests, as well as localization testing in case there are 2 or more languages used within the web system. We achieve maximum website stability and performance on all types of devices and various screen sizes.


Team involved: Project Manager, DevOps Engineer

❶ We create cost-effective infrastructure and reduce TCO

❷ We optimize the software development lifecycle

❸ We speed up the web project delivery flow

❹ We align infrastructure to changing business needs

❺ We achieve 100% uptime via our web development services

Our company speeds up and optimizes the web development process thanks to DevOps service. We configure and apply continuous integration, as well as continuous delivery flow, provide infrastructure security, cost-effectiveness, and scalability for web products. Our web developers constantly monitor the stability of the system and adapt it to new business requirements.